Education. Look to the future.

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Look to the future.


The debate on what education we want for young people raises many questions. To what end does the older generation want to impose education on the younger generation? What is the aim of the proposed educational model? What feelings does this approach arouse in young people? Why is this tradition, which feeds the intergenerational conflict, consumed in every age? What is there to think about in order to adopt a model that is sustainable over time and acceptable to many future generations? Who should be invested with such a noble and difficult task as an educator? Who trains educators? With what philosophies and tools do we train educators and for what purposes?


Cultural anthropology is the science that studies the behavior of the human being to grasp the deep origin and the entirety of the manifestations, which we summarize with the term culture.

Culture is a living matter in continuous transformation and becoming, therefore trying to crystallize the reasons that give rise to the reasons that push an old generation to impose education on a new generation is like trying to stop the passage of time.

I believe it is of greater interest to observe the cultural fundamentals that unite the profound origin and the globality of the manifestations of the human being, from his appearance on earth.

Analytical observation must be part of the global vision with the awareness that everything is a reality greater than the sum of the details obtained from a very accurate analysis.