ARAMIS - Asociació de personas amb discapacitat física de Sant Boi was founded in 1992 as an association for people with disabilities. Aramis is a local independent organization based in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona).

Through the years, Aramis incorporated sports as one of his activities, specially oriented for persons with special needs; actually, Aramis promote sports as a way of a healthy lifestyle, and work with all ranges of ages. The main goal of Aramis still is to integrate people with
disabilities and make consciousness to others about the life with in disadvantaged conditions, so Aramis developed a special program to teach in primary schools different sports for groups and classes of children with mixed levels of abilities.Since 2012 Aramis started a martial arts program. Martial arts values, such as respect of the opponent; the conscience of their physical possibilities and limits perfectly fits with Aramis goals. Aramis developed the martial arts program in collaboration with JKDBarcelona. The teaching and practice of martial arts is always connected with skills of culture and philosophy.