Bu Sen SSD

BU SEN (Bresso – Italy) Pic Number 900499307 Ssd Bu-Sen srl was founded on 24 September 1974 with the aim of proposing a judoistic vision linked to the tradition and education of young people.

It adopts the inspiring principles of Jigoro Kano (founder of the Judo Kodokan method) and, in the following years, it adopts training and educational paths aimed at including people with cognitive and behavioral deficits. Bu-Sen promoted subsequently the association of Agorà Social Volunteering, the CondiVivere Foundation and the Social Cooperative "Sì, si può fare", in order to combine the playful-motor- educational action with the autonomy paths essential for the integration of young people, regardless of their abilities.
The balance between sport-education and sport-competitive has always been the inspiring philosophy of the actions that Bu-Sen has undertaken and cultivates both internally and in the contacts of collaboration with the territory and its sports, social and institutional realities